“Darkest Days” – New Release by N W Harris

Darkest DaysN W Harris(The Last Orphans, #4)Publication date: May 22nd 2017Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Young Adult The ancient slave mongers who killed the adults and enslaved the children have angered a more advanced species of aliens. Composed of pure energy, this superior race has attacked the Anunnaki home world and is now setting a course… Read More “Darkest Days” – New Release by N W Harris

“The Future of Sex” – New Release by Aubrey Parker

The Future of Sex Aubrey Parker(The Future of Sex, #1)Publication date: May 16th 2017Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction Love doesn’t matter. Romance doesn’t exist. In the year 2060, sex is a game of extremes. No desire is unexplored and even the unimaginable is possible. Alexa Mathis, head of the monolithic O Corporation, has found a… Read More “The Future of Sex” – New Release by Aubrey Parker

“Rook” – New Release by J.C. Andrijeski

RookJ.C. Andrijeski(Bridge & Sword: Awakenings #1)Publication date: April 22nd 2017Genres: Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance, Science Fiction From USA TODAY bestselling author, a psychic warfare alternative history set in a gritty version of Earth. Contains strong romantic elements – a book in the Bridge & Sword World. Apocalyptic. Psychic Romance. “You are the Bridge…” Allie Taylor lives… Read More “Rook” – New Release by J.C. Andrijeski

“Lux and Lies” – New Release by Meg Collett

Lux and LiesMeg Collett(Whitebird, #1)Publication date: May 2nd 2017Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult Mr. Robot meets UnReal in a story of celebrities and anarchists, reality shows and evil corporations, romance and self-discovery. Nineteen-year-old Wren Iver is nothing more than a dying girl with cancer, but when megastar Sloan Lux dies right before filming starts… Read More “Lux and Lies” – New Release by Meg Collett

“GROND: The Raven High” by Yuri Hamaganov

GROND: The Raven HighYuri HamaganovPublication date: February 28th 2017Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult In the year 2086, Earth is exhausted. The seas have been emptied, the bedrock and soil stripped of their resources, and the superheated atmosphere churns with terrible storms. Those who can afford to do so live in the limbo of virtual reality,… Read More “GROND: The Raven High” by Yuri Hamaganov

“Dominion Rising Collection” coming in August!!!

Dominion Rising CollectionPublication date: August 8th 2017Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction Dominion Rising: 22 books. 99 cents. #DominionRising Find the Science Fiction and Fantasy reads you’ve been craving! Whether it’s alien invasion or dark fairy tales, heart-pounding galactic adventures or cyberpunk romance, Dominion Rising will satisfy with a thrilling mix of 22 BRAND NEW FULL… Read More “Dominion Rising Collection” coming in August!!!

“Digging in the Stars” by Katherine Blakeney

Digging in the StarsKatherine BlakeneyPublished by: Blaze PublishingPublication date: March 28th 2017Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult A lost ancient civilization and the tomb of a legendary king lie buried beneath centuries of ash on the volcanic planet Thror, but that’s not the only reason sixteen-year-old Carter has tricked her Archaeology of Outer Space class into… Read More “Digging in the Stars” by Katherine Blakeney

“Flames of Rebellion” – New Release by Jay Allan

Flames of Rebellion Jay Allan (Flames of Rebellion, #1) Published by: HarperVoyager Publication date: March 21st 2017 Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction A group of rebels fighting for independence sows the seeds of revolution across the galaxy in this blockbuster military sci-fi adventure from the author of the Crimson Worlds and Far Stars series. The… Read More “Flames of Rebellion” – New Release by Jay Allan

“Clan”- New Release by Realm Lovejoy

ClanRealm LovejoyPublication date: November 12th 2013Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult “Highly enjoyable, thought-provoking sci-fi by an author with considerable talent and promise.”–Kirkus Reviews ____ Clans are Unity. No variation. No deviation. On Clades, to be a Clan is to be an exact copy. A perfect society cloning themselves to survive, even as the zombielike Frags… Read More “Clan”- New Release by Realm Lovejoy