“The Body in the Casket” by Katherine Hall Page

The Body in the Casket by Katherine Hall Page on Tour December 4, 2017 – January 12, 2018 Synopsis: The inimitable Faith Fairchild returns in a chilling New England whodunit, inspired by the best Agatha Christie mysteries and with hints of the timeless board game Clue. For most of her adult life, resourceful caterer Faith… Read More “The Body in the Casket” by Katherine Hall Page

“The Vixen’s Lead” by Tate James

The Vixen’s Lead Tate James(Kit Davenport, #1)Publication date: September 19th 2017Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I did what any privileged, adopted boarding school girl would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief,… Read More “The Vixen’s Lead” by Tate James

“First Case Scenario” by Annemarie DeClark

First Case ScenarioAnnemarie DeClark(Harlee’s Whodunit in the Motor City #1)Publication date: July 24th 2017Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller Most cops walk a beat. She dances to one. Undercover and using moves she didn’t learn at the Detroit Police Academy, Harlee races to identify the cold case murderer who has struck again. While juggling a charming ex-fiancé,… Read More “First Case Scenario” by Annemarie DeClark

“Forevermore” by Cristiane Serruya

Forevermore Cristiane Serruya(Ever More, #2)Publication date: December 7th 2017Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance A father desperate to save his little girl. A doctor fighting for a cure. And two broken hearts that can only be healed together.Ava Larsen is too busy finishing her pediatric oncology residency to find love… and she knows what it feels like… Read More “Forevermore” by Cristiane Serruya

“A Shine That Defies The Dark” by Jodi Gallegos

A Shine That Defies The Dark Jodi GallegosPublished by: Changing Tides PublishingPublication date: December 5th 2017Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance Gripping, romantic, and evocative of its time— A Shine that Defies the Dark is a spellbinding story of one woman who will stop at nothing to survive during a tumultuous time in American history. After a… Read More “A Shine That Defies The Dark” by Jodi Gallegos

“Κάτι κρέμεται εκεί ψηλά” από την Έρη Ρίτσου

Γράφει η Γεωργία Κωστοπούλου   Μια κρύα μέρα του Γενάρη, ένας πατέρας κι ένας γιος, βλέπουν κάτι να ανεμίζει στο λόφο με τις κεραίες κινητής τηλεφωνίας. Είναι ένα σώμα που κρέμεται στο πιο ψηλό σημείο του νησιού. Μια νέα κοπέλα έχει χάσει τη ζωή της. Είναι φόνος ή αυτοκτονία; Τα στοιχεία συνηγορούν για το δεύτερο,… Read More “Κάτι κρέμεται εκεί ψηλά” από την Έρη Ρίτσου

Holidays Ever After Boxed Set

Holidays Ever After: Contemporary Romance Holiday Boxed SetPublication date: December 5th 2017Genres: Adult, Romance Which holiday hottie will you unwrap first? No matter the time of the year, it’s always the season for seduction! From Spicy to Sweet and everything in between, this sizzling boxed set of TWENTY contemporary romances from today’s New York Times,… Read More Holidays Ever After Boxed Set

“A Sheikh for Christmas” by Leslie North

A Sheikh for Christmas Leslie North(All I Want for Christmas is…, #1)Publication date: December 7th 2017Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance It may be cold outside, but the snow begins to melt when an unlikely couple comes together during the Holidays… Christmas is right around the corner, but after creating a society scandal, New York heiress Melody… Read More “A Sheikh for Christmas” by Leslie North

“The Billionaire’s Secret” by Mika Lane

The Billionaire’s SecretMika LanePublication date: December 6th 2017Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance He’s straight as an arrow on the outside. And crooked as sin on the inside. By day, Varden Gallagher goes to work at One Market Street, where he’s manager of a big, successful hedge fund. He’s powerful, wealthy, and can have any woman he… Read More “The Billionaire’s Secret” by Mika Lane

“Κόκκινο Καλοκαίρι” από τη Δάφνη Σούμαν

Γράφει η Γεωργία Κωστοπούλου   Η Μελίκε και ο Πέτρος, μια Τουρκάλα κι ένας Έλληνας, θα συναντηθούν για πρώτη φορά στο Φανάρι. Η ιστορική συνοικία, έχει μεγάλη σημασία για τη Μελίκε, καθώς εκεί πέρασε ένα μεγάλο κομμάτι από τα παιδικά της χρόνια, παρέα στη γιαγιά της τη Σαφινάζ. Θεωρεί τυχαίο που ο Πέτρος επέλεξε να… Read More “Κόκκινο Καλοκαίρι” από τη Δάφνη Σούμαν